Explainer videos have emerged as a powerful tool for communicating complex information in an engaging and concise manner.

These brief, educational videos can be found everywhere, from corporate presentations to social media advertisements. However, one aspect of the creative process that frequently takes a back seat is music. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of explainer video music and examine why selecting the right soundtrack is more than an afterthought when it comes to creating impactful explainer videos.

Why Choosing the Right Music Matters

Explainer videos are more than just a voice narrating over visuals; they are a sensory experience in and of themselves. Music is crucial in transforming these videos from informative to captivating. It has an extraordinary ability to elicit emotions, create moods, and enhance storytelling. When carefully chosen, music creates a strong emotional connection with the audience, making the message more memorable and resonant.

Consider a touching explainer video about a charitable organization’s work with underprivileged children. Imagine the same video with a somber, melancholy soundtrack rather than an uplifting and inspirational one. The choice of music can drastically alter the emotional impact and, as a result, the viewer’s reaction. This demonstrates the importance of music in explainer videos.

Types of Music that Work Well with Explainer Videos

When it comes to explainer video music, the options are as diverse as the videos themselves. The key is to select music that aligns with the message, tone, and goals of your video. Here are some common types of music that work exceptionally well:

  • Energetic and Upbeat

This type of music is perfect for creating a positive and lively atmosphere. It’s ideal for explainer videos that aim to inspire action, evoke excitement, or simply convey a sense of enthusiasm.

  • Calmly and Relaxing

Sometimes, explainer videos need to convey complex information or intricate concepts. Calm and soothing music can set the right tone, helping the audience absorb information more comfortably.

  • Inspirational and Motivational

If your goal is to motivate your audience or stir their emotions, consider using inspirational instrumental tracks. These can be particularly effective for videos that tell stories of personal growth, triumph, or innovation.

  • Dramatic and Intense

For videos that need to build anticipation or suspense, dramatic music can work wonders. It keeps the audience engaged and curious about what’s coming next.

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Music for Your Explainer Video

Mood Matching: Ensure that the music matches the mood and tone of your content. If your video aims to inspire, choose uplifting music. If it’s an instructional video, opt for something calm and focused.

Consider Your Audience: Think about your target audience’s preferences. What type of music resonates with them? Align your choice with their tastes and expectations.

Brand Identity: Your brand has its own unique identity and values. Your explainer video should reflect this. Choose music that complements your brand’s personality and values.

The Best Royalty-Free Music Resources for Your Explainer Videos

  • Royalty-Free Music Websites

Platforms like Epidemic Sound, PremiumBeat, and Audiojungle offer a vast library of music tracks designed for various purposes. They often provide flexible licensing options suitable for explainer videos.

  • Affordable Stock Audio Libraries

Websites like Free Music Archive and Incompetech offer a wide selection of music, including tracks that fall under the Creative Commons license, allowing for free use with proper attribution.

The Best Music for your Explainer Video - №1

Add an Extra Layer of Professionalism to Your Explainer Video with Custom Composed Music

While stock music is a fantastic resource, sometimes your project demands something truly unique. In such cases, consider hiring a composer to craft custom music tailored precisely to your video’s needs.

Custom compositions can set your explainer video apart, offering a unique auditory experience that aligns seamlessly with your content.

Successful Explainer Videos with Outstanding Musical Choices

1. Dropbox “How It Works”

Dropbox’s explainer video, “How It Works,” is a shining example of impeccable music selection. The video takes viewers on a journey through the service’s features and benefits, simplifying a potentially complex topic. What makes it outstanding is the use of upbeat, catchy music that perfectly complements the video’s message of simplicity and convenience. The music creates an infectious energy that keeps viewers engaged from start to finish.

2. Google Search “Here to Help”

Google’s “Here to Help” explainer video masterfully uses music to enhance its storytelling. The video showcases the power of Google Search to assist users in various life situations. The choice of a calming and reassuring background track adds a layer of trust and reliability to the message. It effectively conveys that Google is not just a search engine but a helpful companion in life’s ups and downs.

3. Slack “So Yeah, We Tried Slack”

Slack’s explainer video takes a humorous approach to introducing its platform. The video follows the journey of a fictional team as they navigate the transition from chaotic communication to the organized simplicity of Slack. What sets this video apart is its playful and quirky music, which perfectly matches the light-hearted tone of the content. The music adds an element of fun, making the video both informative and entertaining.

4. Apple Pay “The Walletless Life”

Apple Pay’s “The Walletless Life” video aims to illustrate the convenience of its payment system. The video’s choice of music is noteworthy—it’s upbeat, and modern, and mirrors the fast-paced rhythm of everyday life. This musical selection reinforces the message that Apple Pay offers a seamless and efficient way to make transactions in our busy, on-the-go world.

5. TED-Ed “How Does Your Smartphone Know Your Location?”

Even educational explainer videos benefit from thoughtful musical choices. TED-Ed’s “How Does Your Smartphone Know Your Location?” video uses calming, ambient music to create a serene atmosphere that complements the subject matter. The music guides viewers through a complex topic, making it more accessible and enjoyable.

These examples demonstrate that music isn’t just an accompaniment in explainer videos—it’s a strategic element that can significantly enhance the viewer’s experience. Each of these videos carefully selected music that aligned with its message, tone, and target audience, resulting in engaging and memorable content. These successes should inspire you to consider the power of music in your next explainer video project.


Music is more than just a soundtrack; it is an essential component that can boost engagement, create memorable video experiences, and play an important role in effective storytelling. You can forge a profound emotional connection with your audience by selecting the right music, ensuring that your explainer video informs and inspires, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.
So, as you begin your next explainer video project, keep in mind that the right music is the key to realizing the full potential of your message.