Showreel 2018 - Explainer videos


Hound Studio is a company which has already won the trust of customers and continues to improve the skills making outstanding projects in a big way. We like challenges and try to explain products in the most exciting way. Our video strategy helps the clients all over the world to boost their business and make a splash in their service. Thanks to such cooperation, we’ve already created more than 500 videos.

Our team of creative minds is fond of creating amazing videos carefully crafted for each new client. We don’t have any limits, that’s why we’re glad to work with people from different parts of our world. Setting to work, we always pay attention to all client’s preferences and try to surpass all expectations. It’s incredibly important for us to do our best and make the projects which are worthy of attention.

Usually, we’d like to share explainer videos we make for companies to promote their businesses, that’s why we’ve created this showreel. In short, all our best projects are here! We’ve finally put together this year video collection with our best projects and collaborations. Of course, making videos is a perfect way to tell the world how useful animation can be and show how easy everyone can present a service/product in a short amount of time. If you still think about explainer videos for your service, don’t waste your time, try it today!

Wanna bring your story to life?