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Messente Client: MessenteStyle: Explainer video, 2D videoLength: 80 secLanguage: English This service has full-service messaging API delivers your message. For example, whether you need to send notifications, appointment reminders, or verification PIN codes, you can integrate its API in just 30 minutes. Or you can send messages instantly using our […]


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NimiTV Client: NimiTVStyle: Explainer Video, 3d animationLength: 30 secLanguage: Albanian Finally, we presented a new 3d video our team created for NimiTv. With the use of the internet and modern technology in general, NimiTV offers the highest quality video and audio possible. Surely, everyone believes in the power of storytelling. […]


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Aztek&Buypass Style:  Explainer Video, 2d animation Length: 49 sec Language: Norwegian Created by Hound Studio for and Aztek&Buypass Of course, internet security is very important. It’s easy enough to be exposed to illegal online activity committed on the Internet. So, it is occupied with IT-consulting and provides companies with intelligent […]

Water Facts

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Water Facts Client: Style: Explainer video, 3d animation, liquid simulation Length: 180 sec Language: English GEWater & Process Technologies: Bringing together experienced professionals and advanced technologies to solve the world’s most complex challenges related to water availability, quality, productivity, the environment and energy. Of course, during our life we […]


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ANIMATED EXPLAINER VIDEOS FOR FINTECH STARTUPS FinTech industry takes over the world and receives daily investments in its development. What are the reasons? With the power of innovations, people’s attitude to service industry is completely changed. Of course, a client is more demanding and considers that each process should be […]