Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation Style: Explainer video, 2d animation Length: 72 sec Language: English Do you know how to increase leads, conversions, and automation? Marketing Automation is here with various tools which help you increase your capabilities. Highly experienced professionals maintain this platform. They are working for you to provide the best […]

Costa Brava Animation Fest

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Costa Brava Animation Fest Last month we decided to make a challenge for our team members. Each person had to create a cool animated piece on any topic and presented it during our team building vacation. We guess it was a nice opportunity to show skills and abilities in animation […]


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Norkring Style: Explainer Video, 2d animation, 3d animationLength: 63 secLanguage: NorwegianCreated by Hound Studio for and Norkring Norkring is the largest provider of a broadcast service. This company supplies radio and TV signals to listeners and viewers and offers a distribution of antennas and receivers at the stations all […]


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OneDome Client: OneDomeStyle: Explainer Video, 2d animationLength: 80 secLanguage: English Have you ever thought how difficult it is to be a real estate agent? You have to not only work in the office, but also go to meetings and negotiate with countless clients. Pretty stressful, isn’t it? But after working with OneDome […]

Kinder ID

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Kinder ID Style: 2d animation, explainer videoLength: 53 secLanguage: EnglishCreated by Hound Studio for and Kinder ID How to keep your children safe? Of course, if you’re on vacation, you shouldn’t worry that your children can get lost in large crowds of people. So, Kinder ID will keep all your […]


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AD MANAGEMENT SOLUTION Style: Explainer video, 2d animationLength: 150 sec Language: English In fact, creating and managing user accounts in Active Directory at a large company is always a big deal. Moreover, doing everything manually means spending a lot of time on the mundane and long processes, which are extremely inefficient. […]