Animated video production is a complex process where each step requires attention to all details. If one step is missing, a final video may not bring the results you expect. At Hound Studio Studio we do our best by delivering high-quality videos that scale your business. It’s amazing how animated explainer videos may help your business to stand out. If you want to create one for your business, we’ll come to the rescue. Let’s take a closer look at the video production process.


At Hound Studio Studio we start animated explainer video production with a Creative Brief. This step helps us to collect the most relevant information about a company we’re going to collaborate with. Generally, to know more about goals, preferences, and ideas, we organize a quick call or ask to fill in a form. With this creative guide, we can stay on the same page with clients and generate well-thought-out ideas.


First and foremost, to tell the world about your product with a perfect 2D explainer video, we need to study it first. Keeping in mind the information about the target market, core audience, and demographics, we create 1-2 rough video script concepts. If one of the concepts is approved, we’ll make necessary changes and move on to detailed script-writing. By using brand guidelines we also create a moodboard to provide a broad overview of all appropriate design options. To plan your video duration, use the chronometer tool.


At this step, we work on style design or style frames. What are style frames? These are full-color pictures that visualize the main elements of the video. Even if you don’t know what you need, the designing step helps to decide on the final style of your future 2D explainer video. Typically, we produce 3 of them, each of which includes the main character and background design. When our style is approved, we move to the illustration step. By combining rough sketches and design, we create illustrations for a future video.


After we come up with the whole story, we start work on storyboard creation. It’s a sketched visual representation of an explainer video that shows all scenes with descriptions of actions and transitions. Such sketched drawings help you to imagine how your final video looks and serve as a guide for illustrators and animators. However, a storyboard is a time-consuming step in animated explainer video production but it’s too important to be missed.


A voice-over plays a crucial role and needs to be recorded before animation starts. Our voice-over library consists of professional voice-over artists from all over the world. Moreover, to deliver your message perfectly, we’ll help to find the right voice that appeals to your target audience. With the help of the Chronomer tool made by Hound Studio Studio, we can calculate the length of your future 2D explainer video. Typically, a 60-second animated video consists of 150-170 words.


Once illustrations and voice-over are ready, we start working on the first video draft. To make your final video eye-catching and engaging for viewers, we use a combination of different styles. By adding frame-by-frame or 3d elements, we have an opportunity to bring the craziest ideas to life. At Hound Studio Studio we always make several rounds of internal animation revisions and then we send a video to the client to get the main feedback.

Music and sound FX

This step adds a final touch to animated explainer video production . We create a unique video atmosphere by combining visuals with sound effects and background music. SFX is an important step in animation that sets up the mood and holds the viewer's attention longer.