Client: Upcall
Style: Explainer Video, 2d animation
Length: 83 sec
Language: English

It’s always interesting for us to cooperate with companies that are ready and willing to simplify people’s lives creating different useful platforms. This time we’re excited to make an explainer video for Upcall. It’s definitely a new way of qualifying leads and opportunity to forget about possible problems that can arise in the case of client search. 

How to gather all the necessary leads in one place? We know the answer – it is fast, scalable, cost-effective sales platform that helps you to get rid of the problems with a lead qualification. You shouldn’t waste your time looking for customers, it will do everything for you. It calls a lead within seconds and schedules a meeting with the client’s sales team. Get an opportunity to simplify your life and engage your leads in the most convenient way with this platform. There’s no time to think, it could bring many benefits for your business.

In fact, watching video is a much-loved deal nowadays. Moreover, people are likely to watch a video than read a complicated feature. You share it over the Internet and get a feedback on the double, increasing brand awareness. First of all, you see what people think about it, secondly, you can tie up the loose ends. This communication helps you not only to improve your product’s strategy, but also to connect with a large audience. All the more so users like to share a high-quality video on their pages. It can be a significant advantage in your effort to brand-building. Try to use this growing trend today and make sure that it really works!

Made with by Hound Studio

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