Style: Explainer video, 2d animation
Length: 87 sec
Language: English
Created by Hound Studio for Animer.no and Promon

Apps are becoming a more integrated part of our everyday life. Of course, this naturally makes mobile devices an attractive target for cybercriminals. They exploit poorly secured apps in order to steal sensitive data. In fact, as a business, it’s your responsibility to maintain the integrity of both your company’s and your customer’s data. What if your app could protect itself from all kinds of attacks? So, SHIELD makes sure it does. Moreover, it works by seamlessly integrating itself into your app’s code. In addition, even on highly infected devices. It’s able to fend off any attempt to compromise its integrity, making the app safe to use. Without affecting the end user experience, it detects any sort of threat in real time. SHIELD upholds the strictest international compliance requirements. Also, it works with multiple platforms. Its high level of security enables you to focus entirely on making your app as functional and user-friendly as possible. Also, it won’t slow down the development process.

Made with by Hound Studio

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