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Kinder ID

Style: 2d animation, explainer video
Length: 53 sec
Language: English
Created by Hound Studio for Animer.no and Kinder ID

How to keep your children safe? Of course, if you’re on vacation, you shouldn’t worry that your children can get lost in large crowds of people. So, Kinder ID will keep all your worries away. In fact, this app helps you to track their current location, using a unique ID. How does it work? Your child is wearing a special band on his wrist. In case he is missing, the person who finds your child, types this ID in an app and it sends the message with a information of his position to the parents. In such a way, parents can easily find their child and get in touch with him. Surely, this app is very useful service for people who don’t want to waste time looking for their children, but want to spend perfect time with them. 

Made with by Hound Studio

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