Client: eontyre.com
Style: Explainer Video, 2d animation
Length: 120 sec
Language: Norwegian

So, it takes care of nearly everything for your tire business. Of course, your IT system in your tire workshop does not need to be complicated. It is a simple, web-based system for the tire and automotive industry. Moreover, it will handle sales, purchasing, custody, time booking, warehousing and more. You build single orders with a smart search engine. You can search the dimension or registration, and choose products from our warehouse or external provider. This service is constantly working to integrate multiple vendors, so you can even use other workshops as suppliers, or sell to them.

Why should you opt for animated explainer video? So, animated explainer video is a brief (usually under 2-3 minutes long) video for small and big companies to present the idea/product/whatever. Upon watching explainer videos users (and voila – potential investors) should get the idea. In fact, explainer videos catch the attention of users, deliver the message and urge to action of choice – be it simply “Like&Share”, or “Subscribe”, or “Call now”. Also, they are long enough to tell about the company or introduce new product, yet short enough to keep the attention of users. In addition, video helps you outline the idea and packs it in a nice and attractive 2-3 minute package with a ribbon. If you’re ready to create an explainer video for your service, feel free to contact us.     

Made with by Hound Studio

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