Client: Airgateway
Style: Explainer video, 2d animation
Length: 74 sec
Language: English

This time we’d like to tell you about Bookingpad video created for Airgateway. Frankly speaking, it was not an easy project for us, because the most important thing was to explain the principles of its work in simple and straightforward language and convey the main idea how this perfect booking tool can be used in work. Above all, we made Bookingpad from the very beginning (our scriptwriters were working on the general concept of this video) and our illustrators were making storyboard checking whether all the ideas would work specifically for this product. We wanted to create a cool, but easy to understand explainer video and in our opinion, we certainly did a good job.

Bookingpad is a breakthrough in travel service. With Bookingpad you’ll have a chance to get access to a perfect booking tool for your travel agency. In other words, it helps you make customers happy with all the services provided by this platform. Having a powerful cloud-based booking engine, it takes care of all order management processes. If you want to have up-to-date information about the latest NDC features, Bookingpad presents a modern web interface that improves your company’s productivity and boosts your revenue delivering best services to your customers. In conclusion, it’s fast, simple and effective – try this ideal booking tool today!

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