Style: Explainer video, 2d animation
Length: 47 sec
Language: Norwegian
Created by Hound Studio for Animer.no and BID

In a busy every day the focus is often on earnings, customer care, and growth. As it should be. But what about the costs? BID comes to the rescue. Maybe you suspect that you pay more than necessary? We know how demanding it is to update purchase agreements. But maybe it’s time to renegotiate your insurance agreement, or maybe the coffee machine that has been standing there for 3 years? We’ll make sure your search is sent out to qualified and relevant suppliers ready to fight to get you as their customer. With a few button presses, you can renegotiate all your agreements in an effective way, receive offers from several suppliers, and choose the one most suited for you. In that way, you save both time and money and can carry on focusing on your core business.

Made with by Hound Studio

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