Bertel O.Steen

Style: Explainer video, 2d animation
Length: 33 sec
Language: Norwegian
Created by Hound Studio for Animer.no and Bertel O.Steen

In fact, it makes payment of your car as simple as possible. Therefore, this service offers you to get credit directly in the store and convenient options for credit and leasing regardless of the model and type of car. Also, it does not matter if you buy a new car or a used one. Its consultants will help you choose the most suitable option for you.

Being one of the animation provider for the Norwegian market, we made animated videos for brand-building of many well-known companies. We created a great number of videos for business promotion of Norwegian companies. Of course, it’s a great opportunity for us to work in collaboration with companies doing business in Scandinavia. So, we’d like to share one more project which definitely captured the attention of potential customers and generated interest to the services this company offers.

Made with by Hound Studio

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