Air recirculation system

Client: Air recirculation system
Style: Explainer video, 3d animation
Length: 110 sec
Language: English

In fact, 1 billion people worldwide are smoking on a daily basis, there’s no way around it. But you have definitely heard about the dangers of smoking cigarettes. It’s a well-known fact that smoking causes a lot of diseases and reduces the health not only of the smokers but also non-smokers. How to solve this problem and protect people from the influence of tobacco smoking? So, air recirculation system knows the answer. In brief, it offers the solution to tackle indoor smoking issues. This company has a worldwide patent on recirculation systems based on air displacement techniques. With this system, smoking rooms will always be equipped with outstanding indoor air quality. No more bad odors, polluted walls and ceilings, and health complaints. ARS cares about you and the air around. Improve your indoor quality with fully equipped smoking cabins today!

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