Our Studio provides a unique partnership for agencies. Having a cooperation with our team of animators and illustrators, you can offer the most reasonable prices for your clients, because of the fact that our studio is working from Ukraine. Being our partner, you can get significant benefits: a high-quality video production process, a well-thought-out creative approach, work performance within the shortest possible period of time. Contact us at: hello@hound-studio.com

Voice Over talents:

We cooperate with many voice over talents. Feel free to send your samples to us and get into our library of great narrators. Click here to upload your demo.

Music compositors:

Often we need unique music for our clients. In such cases we cooperate with creative musicians who can bring a sound life to our creative videos. You may be one of them. Send us your music samples and prices and we would love to work with you on next creative video projects.

Wanna bring your story to life?