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BID Style: Explainer video, 2d animation Length: 47 sec Language: Norwegian Created by Hound Studio for and BID In a busy every day the focus is often on earnings, customer care, and growth. As it should be. But what about the costs? Maybe you suspect that you pay more than […]

What is Bitcoin?

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What is Bitcoin? Client: bitcoinbestbuy.comStyle: Explainer video, 2d animationLength: 200 secLanguage: English We all know how popular Bitcoin has become over the last few years. Everyone is talking about it, so we couldn’t miss the chance. In this explainer video we described how it was invented, the processes that going […]


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Upcall Client: UpcallStyle: Explainer Video, 2d animationLength: 113 secLanguage: English Of course, it’s always interesting for us to cooperate with companies that are ready and willing to simplify people’s lives creating different useful platforms. This time we’re excited to make an explainer video for this service. It’s definitely a new way […]


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Aztek&Buypass Style:  Explainer Video, 2d animation Length: 49 sec Language: Norwegian Created by Hound Studio for and Aztek&Buypass Of course, internet security is very important. It’s easy enough to be exposed to illegal online activity committed on the Internet. So, it is occupied with IT-consulting and provides companies with intelligent […]

P2P Cash

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P2P Cash Client: Style:  Explainer Video, 2d animation Length: 105 sec Language: English This time we collaborated with the company called P2P Cash to create this wonderful short explainer. It is safe, secure and free service for money transfers. It works for everyone and everywhere and that’s exactly what […]


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Intercede Client: intercede.comStyle: Explainer video, 2d animationLength: 185 secLanguage: English This time we had a great opportunity to create an explainer video for Intercede and their new app “MyID”, the main aim of which is securing your database. We all know that nowadays logins and passwords are not that safe […]

Konica Minolta

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Konica Minolta Style: Explainer Video, 2d animation Length: 37 sec Language: Norwegian Created by Hound Studio for and Konica Minolta Of course, Konica Minolta is a world leader in product development and innovation. If fact, office machines (electronics) are very important in the work process. But, as a small […]


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HighCon Shape Client: Style: 3d Commercial Length: 90 sec Language: English In fact, the Highcon Shape opens a new category in 3D printing. For example, it will bring additive manufacturing into production with revolutionary process delivery unmatched speed, costs and built sizes. Moreover, it makes 3D production fast, simple and affordable. […]


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Manavate Client: Style: Explainer Video, 2d animation Length: 55 sec Language: English Tired of spending hours on managing your business? We have something for you! For example, not long ago we worked with this new web-based managing system. It can help you save both time and money. Of course, it […]


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WhaleLend Client: WhaleLendStyle: Explainer video, 2d animationLength: 60 secLanguage: English Are you still keeping your cryptocurrency in cold storage or sitting in exchanges? But it’s neither growing nor working for you. In fact, a lot of people are not aware of various possibilities, which give a chance to earn interest […]